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Why you should use Retinol

Retinol is the It's the exfoliating, anti-ageing, anti-breakout that skincare experts love. However, a lot of us find the idea of adding Retinol to our routine a little daunting, especially when we hear some people's experiences of suffering from redness and dryness. It may put you off, but it shouldn't.  As long as you follow the directions with your Retinol serum, allow your skin time to adjust to the new ingredient and apply SPF every day, you will be fine. What does Retinol do?  Retinol is well known as being incredible as an anti-ageing ingredient. Essentially it exfoliates, aids in the production of collagen and fights free radicals.  Are you looking to find out what the fact and fiction are about Retinol?...

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