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Eyebrow Enhancing Growth Serum *66% more

Full, shapely eyebrows in just 60 days!

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Dermaworks Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is specifically formulated to reactivate dormant roots, repair over-plucked eyebrows and naturally boost eyebrow growth. Our scientifically clinically proven formulation is a safe, natural alternative to gels, pencils, shapers, stencils and tattoos.

  • Repairs & regrows weak patchy or over plucked eyebrows
  • Helps to reactivate dormant roots
  • Boosts keratin and restores collagen for strong and healthy growth
  • Gives shape & fullness to eyebrows in just 60 days!

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Eyebrows are arguably, one of the most important features on our face. We should look after our eyebrows like we look after the hair on our head. Many of us spend part of our mornings filling in the tails or drawing on hair-like strokes on the inner corners.

Dermaworks Eyebrow Enhancing Serum uses an advanced, clinically proven blend of vitamins, minerals and a powerful pentapeptide 17, boosting keratin production to help grow strong, healthy eyebrows.  

Weak, patchy or over-plucked eyebrows? Don’t worry, our serum reactivates dormant roots and repairs over-plucked areas, helping you to grow full, expressive eyebrows in just 8 weeks. Our ‘doe foot’ applicator is designed to deliver serum directly to the eyebrow roots for maximum effect. 


A simple addition to your morning and night routine. Apply to clean, dry eyebrows. Draw the applicator along your natural brow line, ensuring contact with the brow roots.

For best results, use twice per day for 8 WEEKS then two to three times per week for maintenance.

Serum Saving Tip

When removing the applicator from the flacon, always strain the brush against the inside of the neck so that excess serum is drained back in to the flacon. The brush only needs to be moist with serum and not dripping wet. Using more serum than necessary will not result in quicker growth, just a lighter purse!



How long does it take to grow fuller, thicker eyebrows? 

Putting the WOW back into your brow requires time and patience. You may look like Audrey Hepburn after just a few weeks or it may take 8 WEEKS of twice daily applications.

We have consciously avoided using nasty synthetics to produce fuller eyebrows. Our brow enhancer is a natural product, formulated to help your body grow fuller, more shapely eyebrows – naturally and safely.

How do I maintain my long, thick lashes? 

Once you reach optimum eyelash growth, you can reduce the frequency of application to 3 times per week by applying every other day.  

Is it safe to use? 

YES! Our Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is an extensively researched, exhaustively tested and independently assessed product, certified to meet strict E.U. Cosmetics Regulations.  

Can I use it on waxed or micro-bladed eyebrows?

With waxed brows, we recommend allowing 24 hours after waxing before using your eyebrow enhancer.

Do not use on microbladed skin until the skin has completely healed. Once your skin has healed, it is perfectly safe to resume treatment. Using Dermaworks’ Eyebrow Enhancing serum with enhance the effect of microblading. 

How long will my serum last?  

Used twice daily, the flacon provides enough serum for the initial 8 weeks’ treatment or around 4 months of serum if used to maintain that Audrey Hepburn look. 


Can I use it and still wear makeup? 

YES! Once the serum has dried, you can apply your make-up as usual. 

Purified water, Hyaluronic acid, Phyto - Collagen, Cucurbita Pepo (pumpkin seed extract), Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Sphingolipid, Arginine.



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