5 way you're damaging your lashes

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Lashes are quite sensitive, and you may be damaging them without even realising! To get maximum growth and length on your lashes, you must take care of them. 

1. Using a dirty eyelash curler 

All of us are guilty of letting that one sponge go a few too many times without washing, or that one face brush not get washed for weeks, but it’s a habit that needs to stop - and that includes letting your eyelash curler get dirty. Think of the bacteria. 

Eyelash curlers tend to get a build-up of eyeliner and mascara on them, which can cause a stick residue over time. If it gets too sticky, it could even pull your lashes 

All you need to do is clean once a week with a makeup wipe or cotton pad to keep clean.

2. Rubbing your eyes 

Rubbing your eyes is generally bad for the whole eye area as the skin is so delicate and can tear easily, which could lead to premature wrinkles. The rubbing can pull out lashes or cause them to snap if they are dry or brittle.

3. Reusing false lashes 

Using lashes more than once can cause irritation and problems for your lashes as the glue will be dry and tacky. The build-up of glue can make it more challenging to remove lashes safely and without having to pull on your eyes and your lashes.

4. Pulling using lash curlers 

While curling eyelashes is a pretty straightforward technique, there are a lot of variations that could go wrong for your lashes! When you’ve got all your lashes in the curler and are gently squeezing to curl into your lashes, your hand shouldn’t move or shake.

5. Picking off extensions 

It can be a bad habit, similarly to playing with your hair to pick off your eyelash extensions. This is horrible for your lashes as you are likely to pull off your natural lash with the extension. If you can avoid extensions entirely and grow your natural lashes with our serum, this is a much better option. 


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