How do I alter my skincare routine for spring?

How do I change up my skincare for Spring?

With the blustery cold winter almost in our rearview, it’s time to embrace sunny skies, t-shirts, and strappy sandals. Spring is in bloom and with the change in season should come a few tweaks to your skincare routine. The days of super heavy moisturisers have passed and it's time to look at brightening up your skin and getting your glow back. 

1. Use skin brightening products 

Vitamin C is a popular skincare product as it is a potent antioxidant that protects the skin from the sun and helps block abnormal pigmentation, which in turn can help our skin glow more. Grab our Vitamin C serum, with it's lightweight formula, which is great for spring as it helps protect against UV light and pollution as we all spend more time outside. 

2. Switch to products with lighter formulas 

Thicker products, such as your moisturiser are best kept to the winter months, which is why it's important to swap to a lighter, more breathable formula in spring. This will allow your skin to breathe, while ensuring it still gets the hydration it needs. Try our retinol moisturiser to give your skin a spring glow with it's light, uplifting scent. 

3. Reduce your shower time 

Hot water strips your skin of it's natural oils and moisture, which can leave it looking a little lack-lustre. Through shortening your shower time and cooling down the water will do wonders for your skin. Also apply your moisturiser while your skin is still damp to lock in hydration.

4. Exercise 

Getting your heart pumping doesn't have to entail a marathon session at the gym. Quick 10-minute breaks throughout the day (like taking a walk around the block or climbing the stairs at work) can get your blood flowing and bring a natural flush of color to your skin, leaving you with a natural, healthy glow.

5. Cucumbers 

Cucumbers contain vitamin C and caffeic acid, two antioxidants that help fend off wrinkles and sun damage. Vitamin C gives your skin a boost of collagen and elastin, which keeps you looking radiant. You can use any leftovers for a refreshing eye mask or to give your water a tasty boost. 

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