6 additions to your night routine that will help your beauty sleep!

6 additions to your night routine that will help your beauty sleep!

There’s hardly anything better than falling into bed after a long day. A good night’s rest can leave you feeling totally refreshed in the morning. And when it comes to your skin, there’s nothing a little shut-eye can’t fix. Follow these tips to look and feel beautiful when you wake up, they don't call it beauty sleep for no reason! 

1. Remove your makeup 

When you sleep in makeup, it mixes with the dirt and oils which have made their way on to your skin during the day and can block your pores, which can lead to dullness and breakouts. You must never skip this step. 

2. Double cleanse 

When your skin needs a little extra TLC, is when double cleansing is perfect. This skin care trend is all about giving your skin two rounds of cleansing—with a no-rinse cleanser and a rinse-off offering—for a deeper clean. 

3. Apply a serum 

Applying a serum just before you go to sleep and allowing it to work it's magic overnight is a great tip for maximising your beauty sleep. 

4. Put on lotion and gloves 

When thinking about skincare it's important not to skip out on your hands. Apply a generous amount of your favorite hand cream and slip on a pair of cotton gloves before the lotion has time to absorb. The gloves help lock the hand cream in and ensure it doesn’t rub off onto your sheets. While you’re at it, do the same for your feet: Slather on a foot cream or rich body lotion, then pull on a pair of thick socks. Come morning, your hands and feet will feel beautiful and baby-soft.

5. Invest in a humidifer 

If you sleep with your central heating on, this could be the main reason why your skin is suffering from dryness, due to the lack of moisture in the air. A humidifer can help combat this. 

6. Apply a lipbalm 

We couldn’t share nighttime routine additions without including lip balms—after all, your lips are skin, too. Before you start catching Zs, layer your lips with a moisturising lip balm to lock in hydration all through the night.


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