How do I grow my eyelashes naturally?

How do I grow longer eyelashes naturally

If you weren't born with naturally long lashes, you are probably very aware of the struggle when even mascara's can leave your lashes short and stubby. You may be looking for ways to grow and enhance the condition of your natural lashes so you don't have to look for alternate methods (false lashes, extensions). 

 The growth cycle of your eyelashes consists of three phases: catagen (the dormant stage, where your lashes just chill), telogen (the shedding stage, where your lashes naturally fall out), and anagen (the growth phase, where they grow). Seeing as your lashes spend a lot of time falling out, it is understandable why it can take three months for lashes to grow. 

1. Use a lash growth serum 

The optimum and safest way to grow your lashes at home is to use a lash growth serum. 

Spectaculash Eyelash Growth Serum is a blend of powerful, natural ingredients that help you to quickly and safely grow longer and fuller eyelashes. Spectaculash provides your eyelashes with essential nutrients, boosts keratin, restores collagen and locks moisture in the hair shaft, helping to repair and strengthen eyelashes. alternative to damaging false lashes and extensions. 

When using any product on your eyes, it's extremely important the ingredients are safe and as natural as possible to protect your eyes. This is why Spectaculash is vegan, cruelty free and uses only natural ingredients so your lashes are beautifully cared for. 

2. Keep them clean 

Eye makeup, dirt, and oil can stick in those lashes (even eyelash glue, if you rely on extensions)—too much buildup, and it could limit lash growth, even causing some lashes to fall out. Your lashes stem from tiny follicles, remember? Keeping them clear and clean is key for healthy hair growth. 

3. Keep your lashes healthy 

Like all of your body, it's vital to keep your lashes healthy. Healthy, cared for hairs tend to look fuller! Try to avoid rubbing your eyes or using any harsh products on them as this can cause extra hairs to fall out and result in a sparse lash line. 

If you frequently find lashes on your pillow come morning, they're probably begging for some TLC.

4. Always remove your eye makeup

Leaving mascara on your lashes overnight - does some serious damage to the quality of your lashes and can result in clumping. So even on those nights when you're absolutely exhausted, it's important use a makeup remover to completely wash off the day's eye makeup – otherwise, you risk tugging them out overnight.

How to grow longer eyelashes naturally

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