How to care for your skin on a flight

How to care for your skin during a flight

Going on flights can really take it's toll on your skin, if you have ever found that your skin looks dull and grey after travelling then you most likely had "plane skin" there are a few factors which result in this, travelling is exhausting and has very dry air which is huge for drying out your skin. Here are our top tips for arriving at your destination feeling glowing and rejuvenated! 

1. Skip the makeup and wash your face 

If you think how much you touch going through the airport and onto the plane and how much bacteria! when you touch your face, this bacteria is spreading and it's best not to add make-up into this mix. It's a great idea to cleanse your face before you get on the flight (or midway if it's longer than 10 hours) to keep your skin rid of bacteria. 

GLOW is a great option to use on your flight as it exfoliates to rid your pores of any dirt or bacteria and it's easy to use whilst on the flight. 

2. Hydrate your skin 

Once your skin is clean, it's crucial to counteract the dry plane air and lack of humidity and hydrate your skin. Your best option to do this is to use a Hyaluronic Acid serum as it keeps skin's moisture high. A serum is a great option as it delivers the strongest formulation direct to your skin.

All our serums are hand luggage friendly so perfect for your in flight beauty routine and essential when you get to the other end. 

3. Apply SPF 

Although you may not be thinking about suncream until you get to your destination, it is important especially if you are sitting in a window seat as at 30,000 feet we’re closer to the ozone layer so the sun rays can impact your skin. 

4. Keep hydrated 

Our bodies lose roughly eight ounces of water an hour during a flight so it's vital for your skin (and your body) that you drink extra water to counteract this. Always ask for an extra glass of water when offered a drink (or bring your own reusable bottle!) your skin will thank you for it. 

Shop our hand luggage friendly serums here  and you will step off the plane feeling refreshed and ready for your trip.