How to change your skincare routine for Autumn

How to change up your skincare routine for Autumn

The nights are closing in, and we’re ditching our sandals for boots and our summer dresses for knitwear. But just like our seasonal wardrobe, our skincare routine should undergo a refresh at this time of year too. Your skin may have been affected by long periods outside in the sun, and the sudden drop in temperature may cause increased dryness and havoc to your skin. 

1. Change up your moisturiser 

Even oilier skin types will find their skin starts to dry out as the weather cools, so now is the time to think about switching up your choice of moisturiser. If you tend to wear only a lightweight serum or fluid during summer months, consider changing to a creamier formula. Our retinol moisturiser is an excellent choice as it's powered with antioxidants which repair skin cells damaged by UV light, pollution and other environmental stressors. 

2. Switch onto serum 

As the temperature drops, you may experience dryness and dehydrated from the long summer. Apply a serum before your moisturiser to boost and lock in moisture. 

3. Use lip balm 

Your lips need extra TLC in the winter, as the cold weather can leave them feeling dry and chapped. They’re one of the most vulnerable areas to the wind and cold so get ahead with twice-daily application of a nourishing lip balm.

4. Exfoliate 

During the summer, the skin naturally gets thicker. It's essential to buff off any dead, skin cells which may otherwise rest on the skin. This will help promote the skin’s renewal process and allow products to soak into your skin better. 


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