How do you add retinol to your skincare routine?

How to layer retinol in three easy steps

When it comes to getting a perfect night time skincare routine, retinol needs to be the top ingredient for your list. A retinol serum is considered a must-have for any effective regimen to incorporate in the PM. But sometimes, adding a product to your skin care routine is easier said than done. You may be worried about using your products in the wrong order or you may be worried you are using too much product. Luckily it doesn't have to be a secret just for the skincare experts!

Why you need to add retinol to your routine. 

Step 1 : Cleanse your skin 

Every skincare routine needs to begin with clean, prepped skin. It's vital to rid skin of any dirt or debris prior to starting your evening skincare to allow it to absorb correctly and do the best job. 

Step 2 : Layer your serums 

This is where things get really interesting—it’s time to layer your serum. But who says you have to stick to just one? The most effective nighttime skin care routine—whether it be anti-aging, hydrating, repairing or otherwise - should include all the ingredients you need to address your concerns. If you aren't sure what serums your skin would best benefit from, our triple serum set is a great place to start with our Vitamin C serum, Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol. Gently massage each into the skin, allowing them to absorb before moving on to the next product.

Step 3 : Moisturise 

Lock in your serum with a moisturiser that works to firm, brighten, smooth and soften the skin. 

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