How to look after your eyebrows at home.

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If you want to get your eyebrows in the best shape possible, you need to look after them at home. We've put together some of the best steps to enable you to care for your eyebrows at home.  

1. Let them grow 

Don't touch your eyebrows yourself too much and allow them to grow as this will determine your natural shape and you can find out what suits your face.

2. Use an eyebrow serum 

Use this extra time to get the eyebrows of your dream by using a serum. Dermaworks eyebrow enhancing serum. The serum will allow you to grow fuller, thicker eyebrows in just 60 days and repairs any patchy or over-plucked brows.

3. Trim your brows  

Most people reach for the tweezers, but forget the importance of trimming their eyebrows. Another tactic to remain shape and give you that just left the salon feeling. The best way to do this is to brush hairs upwards with a spoolie and trim the very long strands, one hair at a time. 

4. Clean it up 

When reaching for the tweezers, repeat this mantra: Less is more. To get the most painless pluck, "tweeze hairs in direction of hair growth while holding the skin taut," Always use natural daylight and do not use a magnifying mirror." Start by plucking any stray hairs beneath the two dots at the beginning of your brows.

5. Keep brows healthy 

SPF is always a tried-and-true rule to keeping your skin protected from head to toe. The rest of your brow routine is not unlike how you care for the hair on your head. “It’s like when your hairstylist tells you to massage your head in the shower and condition your hair—the same is true for your eyebrow area. 


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