How to transition your skincare from Autumn to Winter

how to transition your skincare from Autumn to winter

Once you’ve established a routine that works for you, it can be hard to part with it. However, as the weather shifts, your summer to autumn routine might not fit once winter hits. As the air outside gets cold and dry, without the proper care, your skin can quickly follow suit. 

1. Maximise your moisturiser 

No matter the season, you should always be treating your skin to a daily dose of hydration. However, the chilly winter air can cause extra dry skin so you may need a more emollient option to brave the quickly cooling temperatures. Look for one with Hyaluronic Acid which helps to enhance skin's hydration like Pure Radiance. 

2. Exfoliate 

Exfoliation is important—especially in the winter. Throughout the coldest season, dead skin cells can build up on the skin’s surface, resulting in a complexion that feels dry and looks dull. So, make sure a face scrub or another type of exfoliant is part of your routine to help remove surface skin cell buildup.

3. Use a face serum 

If your skin is lacking hydration, a face serum is an essential step. Serums have a high concentration of active ingredients which can transform your skincare routine. The Dermaworks Hyaluronic Acid serum with Vitamin C & E enhances skin’s moisture-retention for lasting hydration. It also works to re-plump the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

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