Hyaluronic Acid : The key to young and hydrated skin

Hyaluronic Acid : The key to young and hydrated skin

Skincare can be a minefield so we want to make it easy for you and let you know about the one ingredient you need to add into your routine. That ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid - the most powerful hydrating ingredient in skincare. 

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance that has the unique ability to retain moisture that our bodies product naturally to keep our skin soft and subtle. Around the age of 25, our skin's own production of Hyaluronic Acid starts to decline which is when our skin starts to lose moisture and the first fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. 

Five signs you need to start using Hyaluronic Acid 

    1. You are using a Retinol or Vitamin C serum - using Hyaluronic Acid alongside your other serums aids in their efficiency and using them together actually maximises their benefits. You can shop and benefit from the best of these three serums with our triple serum set.
    2. Your moisturiser is not hydrating your skin enough - If you have found your skin is still dry even with using a moisturiser, you can add hyaluronic acid to your routine to further hydrate your skin. 
    3. You have blemish prone or oily skin - Many people overlook hyaluronic as they assume it's only for dry skin types however it can actually help with moisture balance which can be of great benefit for acne. It's lightweight formulation is great as it won't clog your pores.
    4. Your skin is dull, dry or dehydrated - This naturally occurring acid creates a protective barrier over the skin which helps to lock in moisture and combat dull and dehydrated skin.
    5. You are beginning to see fine lines and wrinkles - If you are starting to see fine lines and wrinkles, add hyaluronic acid to your routine to help combat this. 

What are the benefits for your skin? 

  • Retains moisture - Hyaluronic Acid helps lock in moisture which will result in plumper, hydrated skin. 
  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles - Dehydrated skin is one of the leading causes of wrinkles appearing so hyaluronic acid helps replenish this moisture and helps reduce fine lines.
  • Smooths skin tone 
  • Non-irritating - hyaluronic acid is non-irritating and safe for use with all skin types.
  • Fast absorbing - hyaluronic acid quickly absorbs into the skin, meaning you lose less product.

How often should you use it? 

As the hero product of your skincare routine - it is perfectly ok to use everyday, many skincare experts recommend you use it twice per day as part of your morning and evening routine. 

What should you use Hyaluronic Acid with? 

One of the main reasons Hyaluronic Acid is such an amazing ingredient is it's unique ability to enhance the power of every other product you layer it with. This means it will increase the effectiveness of every other product in your skincare routine such as Vitamin C, Retinol, moisturisers. Thus making it one of the best skincare products you can add to your routine as it transforms the effectiveness of your entire routine. 

The best ingredient to combine with Hyaluronic Acid is Vitamin C as when the two are used together they become stronger. 

My skin is oily - do I still need Hyaluronic Acid? 

Even if you have an oily skin type, it's still vital you moisturise it as It helps to regulate sebum production and keep the skin hydrated.

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