Summer skincare hacks to make right now!

Summer skincare hacks to make right now!

Changing our clothes and makeup styles to adapt to the humid air and blistering sun of summer might feel like a no-brainer. And your skincare should be no different. Warm weather calls for adjustments to the types of products you use and perhaps even how these products are applied to keep your complexion looking and feeling healthy all through the summer heat. 

1. Swap to a lightweight moisturiser 

Just because the temperatures are higher, doesn't mean you should skip moisturising as your skin needs to be hydrated all year round, however you may wish to swap to moisturisers with a lighter texture that aren't going to weigh your skin down (or cause any extra sweat!) 

2. Exfoliate from head to toe 

Dead skin cells can build up on the surface of your skin, causing your skin to look dull—which during the summer months is not ideal, as you’re likely interested in showing off your skin in your warm weather wardrobe. What can you do? It’s time to turn your attention to exfoliation! However don't just focus on your face here, your whole body needs exfoliation so Use a body scrub or exfoliating glove in the shower. Exfoliating regularly also helps your skin absorb products better, so they don't sit on the surface. 

3. Keep skincare in the fridge 

If you need a quick freshen up, putting your skincare products such as face spritz, serums and even moisturisers in the fridge can really help keep your cool on a hot day. There's nothing more refreshing than applying a cold serum in the morning and at night. 

4. Cool down your showers 

After a day spent out in the sunshine, we have a feeling that nothing will feel quite as nice as stepping into a cool shower. And this won’t just feel good—it’s also good for your skin. The thing is, hot water can strip your skin of essential oils, which is why it’s a good idea to turn down the dial and wash off in lukewarm temps instead. 

5. Wash your face - often! 

Firstly, wash your face as many times as possible during summers to keep your skin clean. Secondly, use a face wash that not just removes the excess oil and sweat from your skin but also keeps skin moisturised and hydrated. Our Glycolic face wash is a great option as it removes dead skin cells, eliminates excess oil, dirt & other impurities and keeps pores clean and clear. 

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