The Difference Between Fine Lines and Wrinkles

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Fine lines and wrinkles are too prevalent signs of ageing skin, as the skin loses moisture and elasticity. Whether you have wrinkles across your forehead or crow’s feet, one issue is that fine lines and wrinkles can be an absolute pain to deal with. 

What are the fine lines and wrinkles? 

Fine lines can be thought of as baby wrinkles, they aren't wrinkles yet, but they can become them. Fine lines are created when you repeatedly contract the same muscles in your face day after day. As you age and repeat this process, they can turn into wrinkles. 

How to manage fine lines and wrinkles 

While you can't beat the natural process of ageing, you can manage environmental stressors that can contribute, such as pollution and sun damage. Your skincare routine also makes a significant impact on keeping fine lines and wrinkles.

1. Maximise hydration 

To maximise your skin hydration, apply a serum before moisturiser. Our triple serum set is a great place to start! 

2. Don't neglect your eye area 

The area around your eyes is delicate and the thinnest area of your face, so you need to provide extra moisture in that area. Make sure you invest in a good quality eye cream.

3. Wear SPF 

Every time you are spending time outdoors without sun protection, the sun’s rays are damaging your skin. Over time, this damage builds up and, it can make you look years older than you naturally would. The solution is SPF! Sun protection can help slow down the signs of sun damage. The vital point to remember is to use it every single day, even in the winter. 

4. Use an overnight mask 

Give your skin a moisture boost and help boost your skin while you sleep with the help of an overnight mask. 

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