The skincare trends everyone will be talking about in 2023

The skincare trends everyone will be talking about in 2023

You heard it here first. This is the lowdown on what is popular and what is going on within the skincare industry for 2023. 

1. Notox

Botox is now not the only option and consumers are switching to less invasive treatments such as skin rejuvenations (from home) and LED facials and are avoiding the cost and pain of botox treatments. Treatments that provide instant results are most appealing and those that are targeted to help us to look younger. 

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2. Multitasking products 

In 2023 it's all about saving time and money so products that can target more than one problem are a winner right now. This switch is also allowing us to streamline our routine (and have less products on our bathroom shelves) If you are looking for a complete skincare routine (with products that have multiple benefits - our complete skincare routine bundles are a great choice.)

3. Skincare as makeup 

There is a switch to a low maintenance look - in which people want their skin to look and feel healthy and appearing bare faced (even if it took some clever concealing) - An increase in Vitamin C serum and Hyaluronic Acid can be used here to achieve that youthful, hydrated glow. You may also look for tinted suncreams, lip oils or moisturising BB Creams that help you complete your no makeup - makeup look. 

4. Active Ageing 

We are no longer looking at ageing as a negative and instead ditching the use of anti-aging and switching to active ageing instead. It's time we empower men and women as we age and not make them feel like it's a bad process. It's all about embracing the concept that ageing is a part of life (and we are here to support you and your skin through this beautiful journey!) 

What are you looking for for your skin this year? 

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