When It Comes To Anti-Ageing, Is There A Correct Order To Apply Skincare?

When It Comes To Anti-Ageing, Is There A Correct Order To Apply Skincare?

This question came sixth in the top most asked, so it seems a lot of you are struggling with what order to apply your skincare ( we understand, it can be hard, which is why we created our bundles!) 

What order do I need to apply my skincare?

Morning skincare 

Key rule - start with light and finish with heavy. 

1. Cleanse 

Your first step in the AM should be cleansing, to remove any remnants of last night’s skincare as well as sweat. Always cleanse with a cloth to create a clean canvas for the rest of your products. 

Shop GLOW for a deep clean which exfoliates and brightens your skin ready for the day ahead. 

2. Toner 

Toners can balance skin pH, hydrate and even out porosity of the skin for better smoothing on of your serums and moisturisers. Always apply after cleansing. 

3. Eye Cream 

The skin around our eyes is delicate - so needs a cream targeted for this area to offer protection. Apply your eye cream in a gentle, tapping motion to avoid tugging at the skin. 

 A top tip is to apply eye treatments before serums and moisturisers to avoid highly active products causing eye irritation by incidental application. 

4. Serum 

Serums are great for tackling dehydrated skin and for targeting specific concerns, as they are made up of smaller molecules that can travel deeper into the skin than other products.

If your skin is dehydrated - opt for Hyaluronic Acid. 

If you want to give your skin a brightening glow - opt for Vitamin C. 

What order to use your skincare?

6. Moisturiser 

Once the serum has been applied, those with all skin types will benefit from a moisturiser to help smooth out the surface appearance of the skin, prevent water loss from the skin surface, and improve the barrier function of the skin. 

Opt for one thats a little more lightweight in the summer such as Pure Radiance. 

7. SPF 

Always wear SPF - even if it's cloudy.

Evening skincare 

1. Double Cleanse 

First step is to remove makeup and any dirt/sweat which has built up throughout the day with a face wash or first cleanse. Follow this up by a secondary cleanse to get deeper below the surface level of the skin.  

The second cleanse will remove any dirt, sweat, bacteria or grime the skin has come into contact with during the day as well as residual skincare products. 

2. Retinol 

Retinol needs to be used in the evenings. 

Retinol's are incredible anti-ageing serums. They exfoliate the skin by increasing cellular turnover and help to stimulate collagen production revealing healthy fresh skin underneath. They also reduce pigmentation, fight free radicals and thicken the deeper layers of the skin reducing wrinkle formation.

3. Night cream 

Apply your thicker moisturisers / oils and creams to work their magic on your skin overnight. 

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