When should I use moisturiser?

When should I use moisturiser?

We all know the importance of using moisturiser to ensure our skin is hydrated and feeling it's best, but knowing when to apply moisturiser to maximise the benefits is something not everyone is aware of. We have made it simple for you and outlined the best times to apply your moisturiser so you can simply stay hydrated. 

1. After you wash your face 

The best time to apply moisturiser is when your face is damp as this aids in locking in the hydration, so apply your moisturiser after every time you wash your face and before it has dried post cleanse. 

Use : Glycolic acid face wash to help improve the absorption of your moisturiser and remove any dead skin. 

2. Before bed 

Put your beauty sleep to good use and apply a super-hydrating moisturiser before you head off to sleep. While you sleep your skin is in repair mode which means it can absorb the ingredients and take advantage of these benefits while you rest. 

3. When you wake up in the morning 

You may be tempted to leave your night cream on all day, but you should always apply moisturiser after you wash your face (which you should do every morning!) moisturising should be the final step in your skincare routine before applying your makeup.

4. When suffering from breakouts 

Moisturiser may be the last thing you feel you should put on when suffering from breakouts and excess oil, however causing your complexion to dry out won't do you any help. It's important when your skin is flaring up to keep your routine the same to avoid suffering from any adverse effects due to skipping your moisturiser and messing up your routine. 

5. Before and after a flight 

While most of us will just be happy to be able to get back on the plane, the dry air can really dry out our skin. It's better to stay ahead of this and apply a super hydrating moisturiser to combat the dry cabin air and again when you land to combat this.

6. Before virtual calls 

Zoom meetings have become a regular activity over the last three years so if you are still working from home or popping into the office a few days a week, a hydrating moisturiser will get you computer ready and will likely even give you a luminous glow. 

How do I keep my skin hydrated? 

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