Your Autumn skincare updates!

Autumn skincare updates

Autumn isn’t just lovely for its beautiful foliage and perfectly crisp temperatures—it also provides ample time for us to prepare for the impending chilly turmoil. 

1. Add Vitamin C 

Adding a vitamin C–rich serum helps treat fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the appearance of sun-stressed skin, and protects skin from free radical environmental damage. So it's great to add to your routine after the summer. 

2. Continue to use suncream 

Don't skip the suncream even when the summer months have past, it is an essential step of your routine everyday of the year! Your only change might be choosing something a bit more lightweight since you’ll be rotating heavier moisturisers and other formulas into your regimen, but regardless, make sure you don’t skimp on that SPF number.

3. Start exfoliating 

Out with the old and in with the new, as the saying goes. In this case, the “old” is months of sweat, oil, and SPF. You’re probably in the clear if you’re already exfoliating on a regular basis, but if not, it’s not a bad time to start giving yourself a weekly (gentle) scrub-down to remove any build up of product or dead skin cells.

4. Start moisturising more

Your skin definitely needs a little more moisture now that the temperatures are falling again, but stick with something relatively lightweight—like a serum rather than a heavy-duty cream—for the time being. Our Pure Radiance moisturiser is great for the transitional period as it remains light and fresh, but still gives your skin the hydration it needs. 

5. Add an eye cream

That delicate skin around your eyes is often the first to feel the impact of the changing seasons, which can result in puffy skin or fine lines around this area. Smoothing on a light eye cream or gel before bed should do the trick.


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