OX Magazine Amazing April. Featuring Dermaworks triple serum skin care set.

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Dermaworks triple serum set as featured in OX Magazine Amazing April article. Combining science and nature our 3 piece set including Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid and Retinol face serums was found to be beneficial. OX Magazines expert reviewer stated "using all three products I noticed a positive impact on my
overall complexion".
Dermaworks trio serum set in OX Magazine
"Dermaworks is a brand that is ticking all my boxes this month: independent, British, pragmatic, ethical and accessible. During the past year, their no-nonsense, affordable results-led range has increased sales and it is easy to see why as we’ve all been forced to step up our at-home beautification. For my money, the stars of the show are the face serums; available individually (£14.95 each) or as a Triple Serum Set (£34.95). Start the day with your Vitamin C (handily packaged with an orange label) which contains a generous 20% of the active ingredient, beneficial to stimulating collagen production, increasing glow, smoothing tone and also, as an anti-oxidant, protecting against environmental damage and also sun pollution (although it is emphatically not an SPF). This is designed to be followed up by a ‘dose’ of the Hyaluronic Acid serum (in blue), brightening, firming and, famously, hydrating. Of course, either can be used alone, but in tandem, each builds upon the benefits of the other. Similarly, in the evening the Retinol Serum is amplified by following up with a layer of the Hyaluronic. Now, a word on retinol. As a skincare ingredient, it is proven to be effective in stimulating cellular renewal, supporting the structure of the skin, mitigating blemishes and scarring and addressing surface lines and wrinkles. However, it isn’t unusual for the skin to react by becoming red or flaky when adapting to regular use. If this does happen, try using just 2 or 3 times a week, rather than nightly, and build up from there. I didn’t experience a reaction myself, other than on using all three products I noticed a positive impact on my overall complexion."
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