Welsh Country featuring Dermaworks Spectaculash Eye Lash & Eye Brow growth serums

Welsh Country featuring Dermaworks Spectaculash Eye Lash & Eye Brow growth serums
There are 2 products in this set, one for your eyelashes and one for your eyebrows. I wonder if like me you tend to forget that your eyelashes and eyebrow are both hair, but you tend to ignore them until they are really thin and sparse. With these 2 products you are likely to see results in just 60 days! Please don’t think this is a long time, once you slip them into your beauty routine they simply take seconds to apply.
Spectaculash Eyelash Growth Serum
The lash serum, (3ml), contains Pentapeptide 17, which is a powerful vegan protein known to stimulate strong, fast and healthy lash growth. Extensive clinical testing has shown Pentapeptide 17 to significantly increase lash thickness and length. So not only is Spectaculash scientifically formulated to stimulate eyelash growth, it will also fortify and condition weak, damaged and brittle eyelashes.
Use Spectaculash every night for 60 days and the company promise that you will be wowed by the results! I most certainly was. Just remember that Spectaculash is an incredible, scientifically advanced eyelash growth serum and it has been clinically formulated to help you grow long lashes that are full and healthy – 100% naturally!
To use, be aware that the first step to growing long eyelashes is to ensure eyelashes and eyelids are clean and free from make-up. Then draw the applicator tip along the roots of the upper eyelashes in one continuous stroke – that’s it!  Apply once a day for a minimum of 8 weeks. My suggestion is to slot it into your night routine, pop it by your cleanser to make sure it quickly becomes a habit and I assure you it will and more so when you see the results you are achieving. 
Eyebrow Enhancing Serum
Eyebrows are arguably, one of the most important features on your face, because they frame it. Too many of us spend ages filling in the tails or drawing on hair-like strokes on the inner corners of your eyebrows as too many of us have over plucked our brows and now need a quick and easy solution. Well I’ve found you a quick and easy solution with Dermaworks Eyebrow Enhancing Serum (5ml). This product cleverly uses an advanced, clinically proven formula which combines the strength of science and nature to regrow weak or patchy eyebrows. This scientifically advanced eyebrow enhancing serum is specifically formulated to nourish and strengthen eyebrows by boosting the production of Keratin, which is the critical building block of our hair & nails. A blend of botanical extracts, proteins & peptides work together to produce beautiful, healthy looking eyebrows.
To use, make sure your eyebrows are clean and dry. Then draw the applicator along your natural brow line and ensure you make contact with the brow roots. For best results, use twice per day for 8 weeks, morning and night and then for maintenance two to three times per week.
For people who have lost their lashes and eyebrows through illness, then these are the 2 best products for you to try. I’m sure as a gift this will be welcomed by many.
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