FAQ'S - Pure Radiance

What makes our advanced moisturiser so good?

As is our ethos, we use an expert blend of science and nature to bring you the best possible skincare products. Pure radiance boasts a careful balance of skin boosting ingredients.

Is Pure Radiance suitable for all skin types?

Using a moisturiser and keeping skin hydrated is a must for all skin types. Our antioxidant rich, multi-vitamin face cream is formulated to nourish, protect and hydrate your skin. With natural oils, plus AHA fruit acids, shea butter and hyaluronic acid, Pure Radiance provides a powerful antidote to dry and flaky skin.

Will it make oily skin even more oily?

In a word, no! It may sound contradictory to apply moisturiser to oily skin, but let’s not confuse ‘oil’ with ‘hydration’. Using Pure Radiance will help to:

- Reduce oil production and increase hydration.
- Increase cell turnover and prevent pores from blocking.
- Prevent breakouts and treat acne.
- Improve skin tone, texture and condition.
- Deliver anti-wrinkle and anti-aging benefits.