How to use - Globes


Keep your ice globes in the refrigerator, ready to use, or pop them in the freezer for an hour before using. We highly recommend deep cleansing with Glow glycolic acid facewash to clear away dead skin, dirt and oil. For the very best results, apply your favourite face serum after cleansing. After use, clean with soap and water or sanitiser.

For an anti-aging, firming and skin conditioning treatment:

Glide each globe firmly yet gently in an upward and outward motion from the centre of your face.
Work from the inner eye out to the temple.
Work up the neck and the jawline to your ears.
Work from the sides of your mouth over your cheekbones and to the temple.

For lymphatic drainage treatment:

Work in a downward motion from the forehead and down the temple to the jawline.
Work from the jawline down the neck.
Work from the inner eye and out and down to the cheekbone.

Ideally, you should spend 5-15 minutes on your facial treatment but, if you're short on time, don't worry, you'll see fantastic results by spending just a couple of minutes working around the eyes.