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Immaculift Instant Face & Eye Lift Serum. Eliminates wrinkles in just minutes and lasts for hours!

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Immaculift Instant Face Lift Serum and Eye lift Serum Anti Wrinkles

  • INSTANTLY reduces fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and eye bags. Lifts and tightens sagging skin. Reduces the appearance of dark circles and pores. 
  • Works in minutes – lasts for hours! 
  • Contains Argireline skin smoothing technology, delivering long term anti-ageing benefits.  
  • A convenient 'handbag essential' capable of providing around 160 eye applications. 
  • Paraben free formulation, suitable for all skin types, men and women. 

Immaculift is a safe, non-surgical alternative to botox, laser treatment and cosmetic surgery. Presented in an airless syringe, Immaculift is a skin serum which delivers SPECTACULAR AGE REVERSING RESULTS WITHOUT A NEEDLE! Within 1 or 2 mins wrinkles are almost eliminated, sagging skin becomes tight & firm, puffy eyes & dark circles are reduced to reveal a new, younger, revitalised you! The results are TRULY DRAMATIC & the effect lasts up to 8 hours! Immaculift is a revolutionary skin serum that works by forming an invisible flexible layer on the skin which gently pulls wrinkled & sagging skin to the surface. Unlike many 'instant wrinkle removers' Immaculift contains Argireline a powerful skin smoothing hexa-peptide proven to deliver long term anti-ageing benefits*. The 20 ml airless syringe is enough to provide up to 160 eye applications yet is compact enough as a 'handbag essential', so that you can look remarkably younger whenever and wherever you are! 

*Clinical studies show a reduction of up to 27% in the appearance of wrinkles after just 30 days of daily use.  

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