Before and after of lash growth using Spectaculash, the original UK lash growth serum.. Experience rapid lash growth; longer, fuller, thicker and more voluminous lashes.

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"I've tried other products claiming eyelash growth but this is easily the best result. To be blessed with 'naturally' long eyelashes is just fabulous "

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Rita Gribbena

Bought this prior to Christmas and wow my eyelashes are super long

Angela Chappell
This really really works!

I first came across Spectaculash on Instagram, thought I’d give it a try after loosing my eye lashes due to chemotherapy, which grew back but very stubby. I was a bit sceptical but thought I’d got nothing to loose apart from the money, so I started using Spectaculash on the 31/3/23 and can honestly say I am absolutely delighted with my results, this product actually works! I have used the serum every single day at night just before bed and have noticed a huge improvement in the growth of my lashes. My lashes are now much more longer and thicker and looks amazing with mascara on. I would say it has taken a good 6 months for me to notice a difference, but I was in no hurry and was happy to continue using the serum for as long as it would take to see a difference. I cannot praise this product enough it certainly does what it says. I would most definitely recommend Spectaculash, but be patient and you will see results.


Have never used a lash serum before. Recommended to use one by my daughter. Starting to see results. Would recommend.

Madison Brina
Life changer!!!

This was a gift received for Christmas, and if I’m being quite honest I was rather skeptical about the product. After years of fake strip lashes and on several occasions with lash extensions, one time in which the eyelash technician said it looked like my eyelashes had been singed off, I knew I needed something to help them grow and become more healthier. I switched to using mascara as I didn’t want to risk the possibility of damaging my lashes further with more fake strip lashes, however they didn’t look any better, just clumpy and a mess, especially due to the different lengths of my eyelashes. I officially starting using the product just after Christmas and currently my eyelashes have never looked better, in less than 3 months there pretty much unrecognisable compared to the first image, I did not expect it to have this dramatic of effect especially in such a short period of time. My lashes were completely different lengths, some were extremely stubby and like the lash technician said looked singed off. I could not, and I mean could not recommended this product enough to anyone. I tend to use it around every other night, or sometimes most nights (that’s if I can remember to apply it 😬🤣) either way the transformation of my eyelashes is incredible. Although, in my opinion, the product is quite pricey I believe it’s worth every penny. This is your sign to but it now!!!

Jenny Bugg

Very happy with the results of this product. It is slower to work than some brands (hence 4 stars) but it feels like a natural, quality product. Some other serums have irritated my eye lids but I've had no problems with Spectaculash. Will continue to use and happily recommend x

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