10 skincare mistakes you could be making and how to avoid them!

10 skincare mistakes you could be making

Skincare mistakes are common and happen to even the most knowledgeable skincare experts! Here are 10 of the most common mistakes and what you can do about them.

1. Switching products too often 

Skincare routines take time to work and change isn't often a good thing. Keep using your products for at least six weeks at a time before making a swap or adding something new into the rotation to allow the products and your skin time to react and feel the benefits.

2. Hot water 

We all love a hot bath or shower in the colder months, but hot water damages your skin by stripping it of it's natural moisture, which can lead to dryness. Turn down the temperature and apply moisturiser afterwards (while skin is still damp!) to help lock in moisture.

3. Over Exfoliation 

Whilst exfoliation is important to get rid of any dead skin on the skins surface, exfoliating too much can actually irritate your skin. Try to exfoliate 3 times a week to avoid irritation.

4. Sleeping in Makeup 

Going to sleep in your makeup is one of the worst habits you can get into for your skin. Dirt, oil and bacteria can build up overnight on your face leading to blocked pores and even acne. 

5. Using too much product 

Generally, stick to the rule that a pea-sized amount of any product is more than enough. Any more is a waste and can give you unwanted results like excess oil or irritated skin.

6. Using retinol in the daytime 

Retinol is a powerful ingredient and the best for anti-ageing and great for treating acne. Retinol is unstable when exposed to heat and light ; also increasing your skins sensitivity to the sun so needs to be used in your evening skincare routine only. 

7. Using harsh ingredients 

You wouldn't use a bar of soap to wash your face (we hope!) as it's too harsh. Similarly you need to be mindful of the ingredients within your skincare, some skincare contains harsh ingredients that can strip the skin of natural moisture and oils. Look for brands that opt for the best ingredients within their products. 

Dermaworks harness responsible science to complement our natural ingredients, using organic ingredients and botanical extracts wherever possible. 

8. You're applying serums in the wrong order 

Applying serums (and all skincare products) in the wrong order is a big issue as you will have products sitting on your skin now inactive. 

Apply lighter, water-based serums first since they are more easily absorbed into the skin. Follow with thicker serums and oil-based serums that will hydrate and add a protective barrier on the skin.

What order do I apply my skincare? 

9. Skipping your neck and jaw 

Your neck and jaw line are the first areas to show signs of ageing so it's vital not to miss them. Serums and moisturisers that you use on your face work just as well on the neck, so don’t stop your skincare routine at the jawline.

10. Your skincare routine is too long 

Redness, irritation, and sensitivity are all signs that you might be using too many active ingredients.

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