Autumn skincare routine

Autumn skincare routine - Dermaworks

With every new beginning, whether it’s a new season or job, comes a rethink in routine and, just like we swap our lightweight dresses for thick, cotton knitwear, so too should we look to reinvent our skincare routines, curating them specifically for the season we are in. Most commonly seen in the autumn months is the impairment and fragility of the skin barrier which can manifest as symptoms of dryness, sensitivity and a lacklustre look.

1. Cleanse

Fundamental to keep skin clean and free of accumulated dirt, cleansing morning and night is one element of your routine that doesn’t need to be reinvented and is a staple in our routine, whatever the season.

2. Hydrate 

Exposure to central heating and harsh, bracing winds equally can lead to skin that really isn’t happy. For that, hydration can help. A hyaluronic Acid serum delivers hydration quick and easily. 

3. Moisturise 

Using a moisturiser over a Hyaluronic Acid serum, creates a layer over the skin and stops water escaping, making them extra important when the temperatures drop.

4. Start using Retinol 

While a lack of sun might not be good news for your mood, it is good news for your face. Retinol makes the skin more sensitive to the sun, so it’s best deployed in colder months. It is fantastic at increasing cell turnover, regulating oil flow and improving the appearance of pigmentation. 


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