Bonfire beauty tips

Bonfire beauty tips

Sparks are flying, hip flasks are brimming and the night sky is alight with colour, but out in the winter chill, don’t forget a to give your skin a little love! Here are our top winter skincare and beauty tips to keep you glowing on bonfire night.

1. Exfoliate 

Winter is an issue for dry skin, so now is the time to amp up the exfoliation to remove any dead skin cells. How often you exfoliate will depend on the product you use, but keep an eye out for one that’s high quality and doesn’t use plastic microbeads as these are terrible for the environment. 

2. Care for your lips 

Lips often get neglected as just another part of your face, but they deserve treatment in their own right. Of course the time when we most notice this is when they start to get chapped in the cold. Invest in a lip balm and keep it on you at all times. 

3. Hydrate 

Treat your skin from the inside out and keep hydrated to help keep dry skin at bay. Water is essential for keeping your skin looking plump and feeling quenched.  If you’re anything like us, when the weather gets cold you just want to hug a mug of tea, but instead of reaching for the caffeine experiment with a few caffeine free herbal infusion.

4. Look after your hands 

With all the extra hand washing right now, our hands are really suffering with cracked, dry skin. So make sure to keep them moisturised and, one of the simplest things to do is remember to wear gloves when you go out in the chill. The thin skin on your hands is susceptible to drying out with all the temperature changes, so give them a break!

Drink hot chocolate, stay home and stay safe. 

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