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Pumpkin oil for hair growth!

Not sure what benefits pumpkins have, apart from making spooky faces on over Halloween? Surprisingly, pumpkin is a natural and powerful method of encouraging hair growth. This is one of the many great reasons it has made it's way into Spectaculash and our eyebrow enhancing serum.  Pumpkins are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and pumpkin seed oil has been highly valued for its healing properties ever since it was first produced in Austria in the 17th century!  It's argued that the reason why pumpkin seed oil helps hair growth is because it contains includes phytosterols. Phytosterols, which are found in most plants, act a little like cholesterols, but they show only positive health benefits. Phytosterols work by blocking the enzymes...

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DIY pumpkin skincare

Did you know? Nearly a half of all pumpkins brought for Halloween end up in a landfill – that’s 18,000 tonnes of food. We wanted to do something about it, and help the planet this Halloween. We've put together some pumpkin beauty treatments that you can make at home! Pumpkins are great for your skin as they are full of antioxidants, Zinc and Vitamins A and C. The flesh of this vegetable can help nourish, brighten and smooth skin as well as boost Collagen levels.  1.Face mask (All skin types) One cup Pumpkin Two tablespoons of Brown Sugar One tablespoon of honey half a cup of natural yoghurt. Spread onto the face, relax for ten minutes before rinsing with warm...

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6 Tell-Tale Signs of Ageing Skin

If you are new to ageing skin, you may not know what the signs that your skin is starting to age are. Knowing what to look for is critical because the longer you go without addressing them, the more prominent the effects of ageing can become. Sign 1  Fine lines occur when your collagen production starts to slow down, which is usually in your late twenties/thirties.  While wrinkles are one of the more common effects of ageing, if you’re noticing lines and creases forming in your late teens or early twenties, this could be a sign of sun damage. It may also be linked to other skin ageing factors like smoking, pollution, and overall skin care neglect.  Sign 2  If...

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How to change your skincare routine for Autumn

The nights are closing in, and we’re ditching our sandals for boots and our summer dresses for knitwear. But just like our seasonal wardrobe, our skincare routine should undergo a refresh at this time of year too. Your skin may have been affected by long periods outside in the sun, and the sudden drop in temperature may cause increased dryness and havoc to your skin.  1. Change up your moisturiser  Even oilier skin types will find their skin starts to dry out as the weather cools, so now is the time to think about switching up your choice of moisturiser. If you tend to wear only a lightweight serum or fluid during summer months, consider changing to a creamier formula....

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What is your skin type?

If you've ever asked, "What is my skin type?" you're not alone, but knowing your skin type is vital for learning how to care for your complexion. Knowing what your skin type is, does shopping for skincare products a lot easier and allows you to get a deeper understanding of your skin. Those with dry skin need a different routine to those with oily skin, so you must know what your skin needs.  What are the skin types?  Normal Skin  Normal skin is just what it sounds like—normal! It means having skin that is neither excessively oily nor very prone to dryness. Oily skin  Having oily skin means having a complexion that's prone to greasiness and shine by mid-day. It's...

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