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Beat the winter chill!

Winter can take it's toll on our skin, which is why it's vital to change up your routine to account for this.  When skin is dry, it can begin to feel rough, tight and itchy and can even start to redden and become more sensitive. Dry skin can develop on any part of the body and is especially common on the face during winter because it is more exposed to the weather. When your skin begins to lose its moisture and become dehydrated, it means it’s lacking the water levels needed to function effectively. As well as losing its softness, suppleness and natural-looking glow, dry and irritated skin in extreme weather conditions can develop into a skin condition known as...

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Why use Vegan skincare?

January is the start of Veganuary for many, and it's the perfect time to change up your skincare and beauty products in addition to your diet. Although vegan skincare has the appeal of not sourcing ingredients from animals, there is a much greater force behind its growing acceptance as people are increasingly aware of the affects their product choices have on the planet.  1. Good for animals  Vegan skincare is good for animals, as by definition - Vegan means “containing no animal products” and typically is also “cruelty-free” (no animals were harmed or tested in creating your product). Having a clear conscience knowing your choices as a consumer are contributing towards a kinder, safer world for animals. Who wouldn't want that?...

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2021 skincare trends to watch out for!

In 2020, skin care became a form of self-care. In the new year, we hope to continue to self-soothe with creams and serums, but to also marvel at the technology behind them. We're predicting bigger, better, and smarter innovations, including newly discovered ingredients and brand-new categories to come in 2021. 1. Blue light protection skincare  When blue light penetrates the skin, reactive oxygen species are generated, which leads to DNA damage, thereby causing… hyperpigmentation," (similar to how UV damage can create sunspots) the year we all spent more time spent sat at our computer screens, it makes sense why blue light protection is so important.  2. Skin care to calm inflammation  The stress of 2020 and the pandemic, has shown...

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Skincare resolutions to make in 2021!

2020 is coming to a close, and that means it’s time to start brainstorming what your newest batch of New Year’s resolutions should be—if you haven’t already. While we totally support making a commitment to eating well and staying active, today we’re here to talk to you about beauty resolution. Easy skincare changes you can make in 2021 to have have healthier skin.  1. Be consistant  It's important to be consistant in your skincare routine and this includes cleansing everyday. you should cleanse every morning before applying your makeup for the day and also every evening before heading to bed.  2. Use a face serum  If you are looking for radiant skin, then a face serum is a must have. Our...

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Your evening Christmas skincare routine

This year we are all looking forward to celebrating at home with our loved ones, more than ever! so after all the events, you may want to get your beauty sleep but your post party skincare routine is an essential. It doesn't have to be complicated, however it is important to keep your skin looking and feeling it's best over the festive season (especially with all the glitter!) If you’re planning on attending a virtual get-together or spending time with your family over the christmas period, chances are you’ll also be wearing makeup. It's important to remove all makeup before you go to sleep, so it doesn't leave dirt and bacteria on your face, which will find there way into...

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