FAQ's - Flannels

Do these face cloths remove makeup with just water? 

Yes! our flannels deliver unparalleled deep cleansing results, even removing waterproof mascara and lipstick with just water!

How does the face cloth work? 

Dermaworks microfibre face cloths are dual sided featuring one side with short fibres perfect for removing makeup and the other side with longer pile for cleansing and exfoliating. They are very easy to use, simply wet the cloth with warm water, wipe face with the short fibre first, followed up by the long fibre to exfoliate and then rinse with warm, soapy water and hang up to dry. 

Can I wash and re-use these flannels? 

Our flannels make a great alternative to single use disposable wipes as they can be washed and re-used again and again. Machine wash at 40 degrees and tumble dry on a low heat or hang up to dry for best results. Avoid using fabric softener and do not iron.

Can I use the face cloth with other skincare products? 

Although our face cloths deliver incredible results with just water, you can pair with your favourite face cleanser or body wash for superior cleansing and exfoliating results!