Product description - Duo

What is Spectaculash? 

Spectaculash Eyelash Growth Serum is a blend of powerful, natural ingredients that help you to quickly and safely grow longer and fuller eyelashes. Spectaculash provides your eyelashes with essential nutrients, boosts keratin, restores collagen and locks moisture in the hair shaft, helping to repair and strengthen eyelashes.

Why choose Spectaculash? 

Our advanced formulation is free from prostaglandin analogues found in some eyelash growth serums, making it a 100% safe alternative to damaging false lashes and extensions.

What is Dermaworks' Eyebrow Enhancing serum?

Dermaworks Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is a rapid brow growth serum that uses an advanced, clinically proven formula which combines the power of science and nature to regrow weak or patchy eyebrows.

Our expert formulation nourishes and strengthens eyebrows by boosting the production of keratin and moisturising brow hairs to help you to grow strong and healthy eyebrows. A potent blend of botanical extracts, proteins and a powerful pentapeptide work in synergy to help you grow fuller, thicker, shapelier, more expressive eyebrows

Why choose Dermaworks' eyebrow serum? 

Dermaworks Eyebrow Enhancing Serum uses an advanced, clinically proven blend of vitamins, minerals and a powerful pentapeptide 17 to stimulate growth. Unlike some growth serums, our formulation is free from prostaglandin analogues.